Neta Mezcal Tobalá Capón (Tomás Garcia Cruz - November 2020)

MCF Rare Wine

A stunningly unique and delicious, tiny-production Mezcal from the Neta project, which highlights the work of master Mezcaleros in the Southernmost production region of Miahuatlán.  This outrageously delicious NYC exclusive is made by Tomás Garcia Cruz and his sons from 200 piñas of seed-cultivated Tobalá planted in 2014.  It's sublimely elegant, medium-textured and shows a spectrum of delicate fruit notes that are caressed by a subtle, sweet smokiness.  228 bottles produced (!!).  'Lights Out' only sort of sums it up.  

Country: Mexico
Region: Oaxaca
Raw Material: Tobalá
Producer: Tomás Garcia Cruz y hijos
Lot No - TBLTGC2009
ABV: 46.8%

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