About Us

I grew up around the wine retail business and it’s the only professional job I’ve ever had.  I learned from the bottom up.  I began by hauling and stacking cases, making deliveries, talking with clients and most importantly by tasting my way through lots and lots of wine.  There are more glamorous elements of the wine industry, but retail is the one I love best.  It’s challenging, it’s hard work, and it’s fun.

I had a vision of a tiny shop in lower Manhattan with a desk and a small, focused selection.  A unique place where my customers can get an old-fashioned consultation experience. A place where they know who they’ll be dealing with: me.  A guy who loves great wine for all that it is and wants to share that love with you. So I made that vision happen.

Despite all the arguments (modern vs. traditional, natural vs. commercial, large scale vs. small scale, etc.), I know that there are really only two types of wine (and wine retailers) – honest and dishonest.  There are places you can go where – without much of a say in the matter – you get sold on the latest industry concoction or media darling.  Then there are places you can go where – after thoughtful consideration of you as a person – you can really discover something special.

Everything about this place reflects what I believe in.  And every wine on my shelf is there for one reason – I love it.

I’m Matt Franco.  Welcome to my shop.