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Michel Gahier - My Jura Gateway Drug
I opened my last bottle of 2014 Arbois Trousseau Vigne du Louis from Michael Gahier this past weekend - it was one I'd been saving, but I also knew it was going to be the perfect red wine for a cool, gray Catskills evening.

It was exactly what I'd hoped it'd be - a delicate, yet profoundly deep, earthy red wine that, despite its dainty profile, still went beautifully with a grilled ribeye.

Every time I drink one of Gahier's wines, I'm always reminded of the early days of the Jura's rise here in NYC in the mid aughts, and how instrumental Gahier's wines were for my understanding what makes this region so brilliant.

I'll admit that I wasn't the earliest adopter of the more oxidative whites, but, again, it was Gahier's Ouillé (topped off) wine that slowly lured me in...and now I basically can't live without them...especially in the early Spring.

It all started with a bottle of Trosuseau Vigne du Louis, though, which is why I tend to cherish that bottling the most.

Today I have a beautiful across-the-board offering - even the lovely Macvin - so I'll end my blathering and get to the point...

...which is that I love Gahier's wines... much so that I almost don't want to sell them...

...but I love you all too, so I must...

...I must...

Arbois Blanc Chardonnay Les Follasses 2022
Arbois Blanc Chardonnay Lou 2022
Arbois Blanc Chardonnay Les Crets 2020
Arbois Blanc Melon La Fauquette 2018
Arbois Rouge Trousseau Le Clousot 2022
Arbois Rouge Trousseau La Vigne du Louis 2022
Arbois Rouge Trousseau Grands Vergers 2022
Arbois Vin Jaune 2015
Macvin du Jura NV

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