Buelan Las Canciones No 1 Mirador Manzanilla Fina 375ml

MCF Rare Wine

Buelan Compañia de Sacas is a bottling project of barrel-selected sherries created by Nick Africano, musician and founder of En Rama Sherry Co.
​Buelan aims to bottle sherries that capture a depth of meaning and place, of metaphor, and artistry. Each bottling captures a particular theme, be that a song, an idea, or just a certain expression of sherry Nick wants to highlight.
"Las Canciones” is to be a series of barrel-selected sherries named after songs. “Mirador” Manzanilla is named after Nick’s song of the same title, released in December 2020, inspired by Mirador de San Nicolás in Granada, Spain, a church and lookout or watchtower overlooking the city and the Alhambra. It is a young, lively manzanilla with an average of 3yrs in solera with intense notes of citrus, sea shells, and salt. Literally a stone’s throw from the sandy, brackish delta of the Guadalquivir River...a short drive north past the very end of the Bajo de Guía, it truly captures the terroir of Barrio Bajo in Sanlúcar. The barrel was selected from a row of barrels along the warmer wall of the bodega, and a warmer side of the room, leading to a fresher, more playful expression.

Country: Spain
Region: Andalucia
Appellation: Jerez
Grape: Palomino Fino

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