Redacted Brothers SRV5 8yr Peated Blended Scotch

MCF Rare Wine

This is the Thompson Brothers foray into the world of blending. It's also proof that they've got some of the absolute best palates in the business. This little vatting of over 8 year old malts is most intriguing and delicious. SRV5 refers to Station Road Vat 5, the wooden vessel where this whisky is mingled before bottling. The current blend is primarily made from 8-year-old malts, the mix remaining unknown. What matters is the incredibly well apportioned character which deftly mingles the savory salty character of the Islay malt with the gorgeous waxy fruit and complex maltiness of the Highland. Finished in a nicely active large wooden vat, gorgeously depicted on the label by artist KK Hiroshima, this is the most delicious $59 money can buy. The goal of this blend was the create a core blended malt Scotch Whisky that “whisky geeks” would want to enjoy.

*All spirits purchases subject to NYS sales tax.

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