Pinhook Rye Vertical Series 7 Year

MCF Rare Wine

Blended from just 28 barrels, this 7-year-old rye is the most limited release in the Vertical Series to date. A lively nose of caramel, orange zest, cedar, and clove move to a powerful palate of chocolate, root beer, cardamom, and tobacco.
The Vertical Series explores the true impact of age on a whiskey’s character by following a single group of MGP barrels as they mature from four to 12 years. With each vintage, the proof is set to best showcase the unique attributes of that year’s blend. This unprecedented series of annual limited releases lets whiskey lovers experience the arc of flavors throughout a nine-year journey.

105.12 proof (52.56%)

Country: USA
Region: Kentucky
Bill: 95% Rye, 5% Malted Barley

*All spirits purchases subject to NYS sales tax.

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