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Yes, The Thanksgiving Email...


I'm always conflicted about sending a 'Thanksgiving Picks' email.


One reason is because you probably get a million of them.  


Another reason is because about 80% of the wines on the shelf could be considered flavor appropriate for the wealth of things you'll have on the table. 


Finally, I also usually have a hard enough time picking the wines that I want for my Thanksgiving...which means I usually end up opening way too many bottles...which I'm fine with...but I kinda suck at whittling things down...and a limited selection is no fun...


So I've compiled a great list of things that will kick ass on the 11/25, and have it listed by category on the website. 


So go to to see everything that I'm thinking about bringing to my Thanksgiving.

This way, we can all over buy, over open and over drink...


...while we over eat. 


(We are, after all, the 'food and wine' types...)


You may order by emailing or calling 212.255.8870.


Matt Franco

MCF Rare Wine, Ltd

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