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Vincent Gaudry: Sancerre At Its Finest
Saturday Sancerre.  

Here in Northeast, the weather's been about as rainy over the last week as it's been in a long time.

Even though I tend to think of Sancerre for Summer afternoons with raw bar and other fresh seafood, the fact remains that, for many, Sancerre is a 24/7/365 delight.

You all know that I don't write about Sancerre in this newsletter all that often, mostly because any Sancerre I stock needs little help finding homes.

However, when a set of wines is truly special, I feel I simply must.  And today's set of wines is truly special so...

...I must...

Vincent Gaudry and his wife Séverine craft the most restrained, chiseled and classically-styled Sancerre that you'll ever encounter.  Organic since he took over in 1995 and Demeter Certified Biodynamic since 2002 (the first in Sancerre), Vincent is a true steward of the land and a vehement believer in trusting in nature, and taking as hands-off an approach as is possible.

The Le Tournebride, the estate's flagship, is a classic blend of the appellation's three soil types - Caillotes in Verdigny, Terres Blanches in Sury-en-Vaux, and Silex in Saint-Satur - making for the complete cuvée expression of Sancerre.  Chiseled, mineral and very restrained, it doesn't get more textbook than this.

Then we have the Constellation du Scorpion, which is a limited cuvée made from the silex-packed lieu-dit ‘Les Bouloises’ in Saint-Satur.  This is the estate's top wine, and, with its tightly wound, aristocratic nature and laser-beam focus, it's one of the most elevated expressions of Sancerre you'll encounter.

It's also one you'd do right by yourself to age at least a couple of years to enjoy in its full, glorious depth.

Fun side note, Vincent now assists Anne Vatan with her viticulture and farming, as well.

There's plenty of spiritual overlap of Vincent's wines with those of Vatan...

...and I'm not just saying that...

Sancerre Le Tournebride 2022
Sancerre Constellation du Scorpion 2022

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