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Van Volxem - Lightning in a Bottle
Everyone's heard the idiom 'catch lightning in a bottle', used to illustrate how someone got really lucky and/or succeeded in an unconventional way.

But henceforth, by my decree, it shall refer to obtaining a bottle of Riesling...especially Riesling from a producer like Van Volxem in the Saar, because, well, such exciting, electric wines really are lightning in a bottle.

Roman Niewodniczanski, who purchased this historic estate in 1999, has since added some of the zone's most hallowed real estate to its holdings, with some vines as old as 130 years.

Roman is a hard guy to miss.  He's like 6'8", with a perfectly pulled pony tail and very Germanic, you know, almost a real life movie character...

Roman, if you're reading, I of course mean that in the best way...

He'll say in his precise, German accent that he strives for wines of structure, complexity, acidity and low alcohol...and he'll repeat it as necessary, too.  He believes in doing things the hard way, the right way, and solely for the purposes of making his wines reflect those elements.

Whatever he's doing is working...

...really working.

His wines balance the almost ruthless, driving precision of, say, Falkenstein, with an ineffable elegance and delicate texture that makes them a tick more 'for the masses', if you will.

Today we have a whole lineup of his sensational 2021s, along with one glorious Grosses Gewachs from the 2020 vintage.

Even though these wines are all stunningly delicious already, the other thing that Roman is a staunch believer in, is drinking wines with proper age on them.  In the future, he plans to release even his most modestly priced wines only after years in bottle.

Like I said, the hard way and the right way...

...which I guess make the whole 'Lightning in a Bottle' metaphor kinda, at once, correct and misguided - correct because these lightning-like wines are in a bottle...misguided, because such incredibly pure, electric wines, as a result of such dedication to quality and bone-grindingly hard work, could never be attributed to pure luck or fortunate timing...

...put that lightning in your bottle and drink it...

VAN VOLXEM (descriptions of each wine on website)
Riesling Trocken Saar 2021
Riesling Kabinett Rotschiefer 2021 (off-dry)
Riesling Trocken Ofckfener 2021
Riesling Trocken Wiltinger 2021
Riesling GG Gottesfuss 2020

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