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Two Rosés (or Rosato/Rosados) from Volcanoland

Over the last couple of years, I've been really glad to see that the Rosé phenomenon has been slowly moving away from the 'Summer Only' approach.  


Pink filled bottles have continued out the door well into October, which is a great thing, so I'm really excited about today's two wines, because they're both great candidates for 'Beyond Summer' drinking and, truthfully, full-on year round enjoyment. 


The first one is no stranger here.  In fact, it's one of the wines we always sell the most of...and year round at that.  I'm not sure why it took me until mid-August to get it into a newsletter, but I'll chalk it up to the great mysteries of life...or my ADD...


...but alas, here the 2018 Lanzarote Rosado of Los Bermejos is, in all its spicy, mineral, smoky glory.  The 2018 has returned to form, with a slightly less forward profile, but the deeper pink fruit has always been a signature of this wine...well, after all of that volcanic character of course. 


Everything about this wine, from its place of origin (the Canaries, that is), to its cool bottle shape, to its unbelievably delicious taste, made it a total phenomenon some 10 years ago when it first landed. 


Little has's still one of the most popular wines we sell all year...


Next, we have a total newcomer to the shop, but one that I hope will find its own following among the Volcano-phile crowd - the Getis Rosato 2018 of Reale


Hailing from the Costa d'Amalfi, this incredibly delicious blend of 70% Piedirosso and 30% Tintore is, and I really mean this, the best Rosato from Campania that I've had. 




Well, for starters, they aren't trying to emulate Provence with it, and thus sapping it of its character in favor of a more 'crowd friendly' color. 


But mostly, it's because it's super bleepin' delicious, and is chock full of that rustic, spicy, intensely mineral nuance that one expects from both the grapes and the region. 


All of that wonderful nuance is on full display here in a way I've not seen...but have always wanted from a Campanian Rosato. 


(probably because they aren't trying to emulate Provence)


Sure, the color is a ever so slightly deeper (heaven forbid), but, you know, we all need to be shaken out of our comfort zones from time to time...


...and into a realm of spicy, smoky, mineral bliss...


...also known as 'Volcanoland'...because I just made that up...


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