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Two of Our Favorite Italian Pinks

Dry, spicy, herbaceous, lively, refreshing, mineral...and other words, perfect for the warm days on the horizon...

Sounds like I'm referring to your classic Provençal rosé, no?

Well, I love Provençal rosé, but I'm not.

I'm talking about Italian pinkies...and from opposite ends of the boot.

One, which is from a (perhaps the) historic/benchmark producer of Friuli, has become a perennial favorite here at MCF.

The other is from another a relatively young, but fabulous producer of textbook wines in Campania and, if last year's popularity is an indicator, is destined to be a perennial favorite as well.

Both are made entirely of signature indigenous grapes to their respective regions, the classic profiles of which shine through brightly.

What more could you ask for?

(Oh yeah, the names of the wines...)

The first one is Ronchi di Cialla's Rosato 2022, which is, color aside, still one of the finer examples of the Refosco grape you'll find on the market, let alone in Rosato form.

It's, at once, so lively and refreshing, but also so deeply complex and dripping with all the classic, herbaceous/mineral character that Refosco is known for.  The best part about it, though, is that it's substantial enough to be drunk with foods on the more flavorful end of the rosé spectrum, too - things like your grilled/smoky/spicy fish/veggie/poultry items.

Then we have Tenuta San Francesco's Tramonti Rosato 2022, a positively soul enhancing blend of Aglianico and Piedirosso from the part of the world that just embodies Mediterranean summertime bliss - the Costa d'Amalfi.  

It's your classic pale/pink color, but it also pulsates with the proper character of its indigenous grapes...with the very soul of its homeland.  It's bright, lively, spicy, mineral, briny and electrically aromatic.

One sip and it'll be hard to not picture yourself in the afternoon sun, on a terrace, enjoying seafood that was swimming an hour ago, with a bottle of this lazing in the ice bucket, condensation running down the label. some and picture yourself doing that...or whatever your favorite image is...

...imagine it and drink some of these two wines.

Refosco Rosato 2022

Tramonti Rosato 2022

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