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Two More Mature Beauties from Luis Pato
It must be your lucky day.

I know you were just sitting there thinking 'I really wonder what perfectly-aged wines from Portugal's Bairrada region would taste like...'

(I know you were)

And, like I said, lucky day...

Last year I offered my first round of wines from Luis Pato's brilliant library of older reds, and they were received by all of you with quite the level of enthusiasm.

So, here goes a new round.  (lucky day)

The center of the offer is Pato's mind-bending Bairrada Branco 1991.  Yes...that's a white Bairrada...from 1991...

Anyone who loves the waxy, wooly, nutty, savory, salty old white thing - you know, like Lopez Blanco or the like - get your hands on some of this!  Plus, how often do you see a 32 year old white from anywhere at under $70?

For anyone who hasn't had really old whites in this style, it will certainly be a bit of a departure from what you're used to, but this is truly amazing stuff, and I especially like these kinds of wine in the early part of Spring...especially with case you were wondering.

Then we have another vintage of one of Pato's classic Bairrada Tinto, in this case the 2000 Quinta do Moinho, which is full-on mature Baga at it's finest.  Soft, earthy, rosy and perfectly rustic, the unavoidable comparison to mature Barolo here is...well...unavoidable.

Barolo with a Portuguese accent, that's the best way to describe it, but with that extra level of Baga grit.

And, again, where do you find 23 year old Barolo-esque wine for under $70?

Lucky day...

Vinho Branco Bairrada 1991
Bairrada Tinto Quinta do Moinho 2000

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