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Two Lovely Burgundies for Your Friday
The first full week of the new year is almost behind us, and what better way to settle in than with a glass or two of easy, no-fuss, positively delicious Burgundy.

I mean, that's what I'm thinking about right I sit at my desk, in the coolness of the storage room...twirling and whiffing a glass of each of these two beauties for inspiration...

First, we have George Lignier's Morey Saint Denis Blanc from the marvelous 2017 vintage.  MSD Blanc are probably about as off the radar for most Burg peeps as it gets.  White from the Côte de Nuits...not what most people think of when they think of white Burgundy...which is too bad for them...because this focused, chiseled, racy, lemon/mineral zinger is flat out gorgeous.

The best of the 2017 vintage for whites is on full display - all of that bracing energy, coupled with the coolness of being from Morey, and a just-right amount of Chardonnay development on the finish, makes for a real purist's expression.  I'm a purist...and I like this yeah, I'm calling it a purist's expression and standing by it...

Then, for red, we have Jean Chauvenet's Nuits Saint Georges 2016, which is as wonderfully honest, juicy and pure an expression of Pinot Noir as you could ask for.  The 2016 vintage kind of sits in a bit of limbo at the moment - the 2013s have been rediscovered, the 2014s are lauded by fans of classic elegance, the '15s were powerhouses and the 2017s hyper-classic - but there sit the '16s, with their open, friendly, transparent nature, just waiting to be loved.

Well, this one'll show why they deserve your love.  Despite being from the appellation most known for its burly, masculine structure, it's bright red, aromatic, supple, almost perfectly balanced and just plain yummy.  On top of that, it stands firmly on the spot of the Red wine spectrum marked 'versatile'.  It'd be as happy alongside a Sunday roast chicken as it would be with Chinese food or Salmon or as just a sipper on the couch.

They're both just Burgundy...nothing more, nothing less...

...which is just how I like 'em...

GEORGES LIGNIER Morey Saint Denis Blanc 2017
JEAN CHAUVENET Nuits Saint Georges 2016

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