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Two Great Burgundy Values


I love under-the-radar producers.


I consider these two producers under the radar. 


They're from Burgundy. 


They're delicious. 


They aren't crazy expensive. 


It's January. 


You need Burgundy. 


You need Burgundy that won't break the bank and that you don't have to sit on for a decade...


...though you could sit on these for a few years and reap the benefits, should you choose to.


You need these two wines. 


The first is the new vintage of Bourgogne Aligoté 2020 from Fabien Coche.  Back in May, I offered the 2019 to rave reviews.  The 2020 is here and it's as good, if not better.  It's got wonderful texture and decent weight, but, being an Aligoté, it's got that laser-like edge and energy that you just can't really get from ol' Chardonnay.  It's focused, intense and zippy and outrageously complex for the money.  Believe me, you need it. 


Then we have the Santenay Cuvée S 2014 from David Moreau, another producer who's steadily climbing the ladder in my book (you all also love his 2013 Santenay Clos Rousseau back in October).  I should also point out that Santenay as an appellation seems to keep getting closer to my heart.  I love the stern, earthy intensity you find in them (all within the elegant framework of Burgundy, that is).  This Cuvée S is exactly that - it's beautifully dark-fruited, aromatic and oh-so delicate, and the earthy/mineral/stern composition of Santenay is on full display, but in that wonderfully lithe 2014 package (I've mentioned a million times how much I love 2014, right?).  Lovely, lovely, lovely (and drink-y, drink-y, drink-y).  


Like I said before... need these...


...believe me...



Bourgogne Aligoté 2020 



Santenay Cuvée S 2014


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