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Two Early Fall Rosati


Late last week, we had a couple of days here in NYC that made it seem like Fall was right around the corner. 


I opened all the windows in the morning, allowing the cool, fresh breeze to flow right in. 


It was a most welcomed feeling, one that you veteran readers know that I celebrate every September. 


But, as often happens, the teases of brisk, Fall air were fleeting, and the mid-80s temps returned over the weekend. 


So, while the fuller flavors of Fall were dancing around my head, the afternoon temps still dictated refreshment above all. 


Two pink wines from Southern Italy fit that 'flavorful, but refreshing' bill perfectly. 


The first one was the Etna Rosato 2020 of Barone di Villagrande.  Like all of the other bottlings from Villagrande, one of Etna's original producers, this is about as much wine for the money and you'll find anywhere on Earth. 


I really mean that.  It's 90% Mascalese and 10% Carricante, with an engagingly fruity, lightly smoky nose.  On the palate, the nimble pink fruits are accented by more herbaceous/smoky nuance and a beautifully mineral texture. 


The other wine was Reale's Getis Rosato 2020, a gem from the Amalfi Coast that we've grown more and more fond of with each passing vintage.  This outrageously lively pinkie is 70% Piedirosso and 30% Tintore, two ancient varieties known for their spicy, racy personality.  Despite the slightly deeper color, this wine dances across the palate with bright berry fruits and wonderfully lofty spicy notes that linger on the finish. 


They were both perfect with our post-little league dinner of quick, no-fuss broccoli fried rice. 


While it seems like the Mets are going to darken my September once again, these will certainly keep your transition into Fall light and bright... 


BARONE di VILLAGRANDE Etna Rosato 2020 

REALE Getis Costa d'Amalfi Rosato 2020


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