MCF Rare Wine Ltd.
Two Deliciously Fun Reds from Spain
(and you can taste them tonight)

Fully mature.


Perfect for the Summer.

Really well priced.  

If that didn't hook you in a perfect Summer afternoon, I don't know what will.  

Today's two wines are exactly what you need on a warm Summer night with any manner of outdoor food.  

Pig roast.





You get the idea...

The first wine, the Estrela Ribeira Sacra 2012 ($19), is a wine we've carried on and off for the last few years to great enthusiasm and when the importer asked me if I was interested in a late-release parcel with some bottle age on it, I jumped at the chance.  

It's 95% Mencia and 5% Garnacha hailing from Galicia in the NW corner of Spain.  Normally, when young, this wine shows the spice, dark fruit and aromatics that Mencia is known for (think Loire Cab Franc for a pretty good comparison), but now that it's got some years under its belt, the overtly peppery notes have begun to take a back seat and have allowed the nuanced, subtly herbaceous/savory dark fruits to strut their stuff.  When I think of a Paella red, this is exactly what I have in mind, but any dish calling for a softer, more elegant red will be quite happy to hold hands with this Estrela.  This is definitely a 'chiller' cadidate as well.  

The other little back-vintage beauty on offer today is the Finca Olivardots Emporda 2011 ($21).  Emporda is a DO in Catalonia about an hour's drive north of Barcelona, just below the Pyrnees.  This juicy, but balanced red is a blend of 70% Syrah, 20% Garnacha and 10% Carinena.  In its youth, it was your typical dense, chewy and full-throttle Catalan red, but after some nice bottle time, it's become more even and mellow.  

It's a dark, smooth and supple red that packs in the spice-laden flavor without knocking you over the head.  Those of you who love Catalan reds will find plenty to love here, and those of you who might otherwise look past a wine like this will be in for a pleasant surprise.  

With its ability to stand up to big, spicy/sweet flavors his is a Barbecue's best friend.  

These wines arrive tomorrow, but I have samples open for this evening's tasting (5-7pm).  

Hope to see you here!  

Matt Franco

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