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Two Anomalies from Etna
Lots of Etna lately, I know...

...but these two are worth your attention...mostly because they are pretty much outside the sphere of attention of just about everyone.

Hence my use of 'anomaly'...

The first one is an anomaly in the sense that's it's a producer who I wasn't familiar with...and based on a little internet nosing, not many others have, either.

This rather unique and tasty red from Arrigo is an Etna in everything but name.  Made of 100% Mascalese, and already with some nice bottle age on it, the smoky, meaty, gloriously rustic elements are really starting to pop underneath the hauntingly dark fruit.  If you've not had the chance to experience a maturing red from Etna before, here's your chance to do so...and for a relative value at that.

Then we have an anomaly in the truest sense - a Pinot Nero from the Contrada Lago, 1000m up the North side of Mount Etna.  So, just in case you've ever wondered what Pinot Noir grown on the side of an active volcano would taste like, you should probably check out this Pinot Nero Tiurema Siciliane Rosso 2020 from Eno-Trio, because it's one of the more unique wines in all of Sicily.  It's solidly mid-weight, with a cool, transparent disposition that's packed with smoky, darkly mineral character.  It's Pinot Noir like you've never had...but in the best possible way!  

Anomalize your palate...

Nerello Mascalese 2017

Pinot Nero Tiurema Siciliane Rosso 2020

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