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Three Springtime Stunners from Beaujolais


Well, even though it's cold and wet (and slushy) here in NYC, my Spring fever has officially kicked in.


We had a few beautiful Spring days last week, so that set it in motion. 


On Sunday, Emily and I had dinner at the home of Doug and Tina Polaner, and the meal they made was packed with every great flavor of the season, and I don't know if it's possible for a dish to induce as much Springtime Optimism as did his dish of roasted asparagus and sauteed morels with micro greens and a perfect sauce.  So that certainly ratcheted things up further. 


Then, earlier this week, I tasted three fantastic Beaujolais, and the fever reached a...


...fever pitch (?)...


So, hopefully these wines, or at least my description of them, will have the same affect on you, because something tells me we can all use whatever bit of optimism we can get right now...




CAMILLE MELÍNAND Chiroubles 2019 

Even though examples of Chiroubles - the smallest, highest altitude Cru in Beaujolais - aren't nearly as numerous in the US market as, say, Fleurie or Morgon, a great one, like this brilliant one from Camille Mélinand, is usually something we (Raphael especially) quickly fall in love with.  And, yes, we've quickly fallen in love with this brilliant one from Camille Mélinand.  Light, bright and flowery-to-the-max, with wonderfully earthy berry fruits, this represents everything that make Chiroubles so special.  Fabulous!  


PRUNELLE de NAVACELLE Beaujolais Lantigné 2019 

While the appellation of Lantignié may not be on your Beaujolais radar, let this fabulous example from Prunelle de Navacelle serve as notice that a) it should be and b) probably will be soon.  While not of Cru status at the moment, it likely will be soon and, after tasting the deep, structured, darker-fruited and decidedly savory/earthy nature of this gorgeously complex gamay, you'll likely be left wondering what's taking so long.  We're very excited to have this gem on the shelf!  


DOMAINE les ROCHES BLEUES Brouilly Les Trois Loups 2019 

High-toned, insanely aromatic, and highly refined, this is one of the best carbonic Bojos I've had in a long time.  It's already alongside producers such as Thillardon in terms of young, up-and-comers in the region.  It's light and infinitely cheerful, but it's also vigorous and endowed with some pretty profound depth, as well.  I don't say this lightly, but fans of the brilliant style of Metras should take notice, as the very first thought I had on my first taste was 'this has that Metras thing going on...'  S0...


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