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Three Chiller Reds


A perfect loin of pork, well spiced and lightly pink in the center.


A grilled, glazed filet of salmon.  


Fresh, fire roasted veggies from the farmer’s market.  


These are all things that are delicious on a warm evening in the backyard, and they all need a flavorful, but nimble red that will compliment all the flavors without overpowering them or feeling too heavy on your palate... 


...and these are all wines that will do exactly that. 


So, chill 'em down and live it up...this Summer's flying by...


CAMIÑO NOVO Ribeira Sacra Amandi 2016 

The wine I’ve found myself reaching for quite a bit these days has been anything made from Mencia - Galicia’s brilliant native red grape - and Camiño Novo’s version, from Amandi (Ribeira Sacra's primo-est real estate), is beautifully mid-weight, aromatic, lightly spicy and energetic, with that perfect balance of dark and red fruits.  The underlying savory/mineral elements carry it through to the finish, where the more subtle nuances that its few years of bottle age have endowed it with linger nicely. 


GROSJEAN Premetta Vallée d'Aoste 2020 

The lithe, floral and spicy reds of Grosjean in the Vallée d'Aoste of Northern Italy have been longtime favorites of ours, and this Premetta, one of the lightest reds you'll encounter, is one of the coolest ones they make.  I have to stress the 'lightness' here, especially in terms of color, but the bright berry fruits and dynamic acidity, coupled with the savory, mountain-y nuance, make for one incredibly refreshing and hyper-versatile wine. 


MYRKO TÉPUS La Fin du Bal 2020 

Myrko Tépus, from the Coteaux du Verdon in the Haut-Var section of Provence, is a brand new producer for us, and one that I'm really excited about.  Set away from the coast, right where the foothills of the Southern Alps meet the more recognizably 'Provence' landscape you might envision, his vineyards sit around 460m in elevation.  This makes for the perfect mix of sunny, Southern French ripeness and cool, high-altitude freshness, and that's exactly what this gorgeous La Fin du Bal expresses.  It's 100% Carignan, with a juicy, but focused profile of bright red fruit interlaced with classic Provençal herbaceousness and a wonderful sense of lift. 


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Matt Franco

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