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The Ultimate Thanksgiving Red?

Okay, so, I've traditionally shied away from making specific recos for Thanksgiving, and I suppose there are numerous reasons for that.

If you had to boil it down to one main reason, though, I think it would be this - I just can't decide.  

It's hard enough for me to pick two wines to take to such an eating extravaganza, so I usually just end up opening way too many bottles so that I can have some of everything I want.

How, then, could I possibly come up with a single pick for all of you, my many thousands of customers, residing in all different parts of the country, each with your own Thanksgiving menus and traditions?

I suppose I could - using criteria like what the press says, or what other people in the business say, or what a supplier has a good price on - pick one red wine and say, 'this is your wine, baby!'

But, alas, I prefer nuance to binary least I like to think I do...

To the shops that can do that...more power to ya.  I have not the decision making ability to do such a thing, and much prefer the personal recommendation route.

All that said, though, there is one wine that I make no bones about referring to as one of the great red wines to have at a Thanksgiving table...

...Hervé Souhaut's La Souteronne.


It's 100% Gamay - grown on granite soils - in the Northern Rhône.

In other words, picture the finessed, lively, elegant dark fruits of focused, granitic Gamay, but give it a vein of smoky, meaty, intensely mineral nuance that you expect from reds wines in the Northern Rhône.  

It's a wine that allows all that savory, wild personality to wink at you from behind its mid-weight, highly transparent, engaging wine.

It won't overwhelm any of the varied flavors on your plate, but it will sure as sh*t stand up to all of them.

So, yeah, it's probably the ultimate Thanksgiving red...should any of my above description of it sound good to you...

...and even if it doesn't, I think you'll want to give it a try.

And, if not...just ping me back and say 'Matt, I need some recommendations for Thanksgiving'.

After all, that's the way we like it best...

Gamay La Souteronne 2022

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