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The Rosé to Age (or Drink) 

The other week, I wrote about Jadot's Marsannay Rosé Clair-Dau 2020, talking about how it was always best after a year in the bottle.

Today, it's all about my favorite one to drink after a year (or two) in bottle - Chateau Pradeaux's Bandol Rosé.

On release it's structured, wild, herbaceous, refreshing and subtly complex.

After a year in the bottle, it gets softer, fuller, wilder, herbaceous-er and complex-er.

(Command of Grammar is Important)

Honestly, though, that's really what happens.  The texture really smooths out, the wild, lavender-y, herb-y flavors really come to the fore, the fruit goes from restrained to technicolor, and the structure totally unwinds, allowing all of these elements to really sing.

As time progresses even further, it starts to wander into that Lopez Rosado territory where it almost drinks more like a really light, fully mature red.

Now, don't get me wrong, I fully intend to drink quite a few bottles of it this Summer, but I also fully intend to lay a few down to drink throughout the coming couple of years.

It really is that good.

And it's here... get it!


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