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The Queen of Fuisse
Yes, I know, I just sent an email about White Burgundy on Tuesday.

Yes, I know that the subject matter of that email centered on finding quality/value from the 'lesser' appellations in the region.

Well, today's email is gonna do it all again, but this time it isn't a hidden gem on, what I believe will be, a meteoric rise, like Domaine MIA.

Today's offer deals with the paradigm, the benchmark, the absolute 'Queen' of the 'lesser' appellations - Domaine Ferret.

Given Ferret's esteem and historic importance to the region, I'd almost say that I shouldn't put it in the same value/gem category, like the others...

...that is, until you taste the wines, have your mind blown at how insanely good and substantive that they are, and then ponder the fact that you're only paying $59/btl for them...

...and then you have the same 'holy sh*t' moment that you do when you feel like you've just discovered something.

Even though these wines are relatively well-known, they are still dramatically underappreciated - most especially in their current state with Audrey Braccini at the helm.  From an estate that has had a long line of females at the helm, Audrey's work certainly tops them all.  She's one of the finest winemakers in Burgundy...says there...

There's no other way to say it - these wines mop the floor with most things that cost double what they do.

And that's why I'm so excited for today's offer for the last tranche of Ferret from the utterly classic 2017 vintage.

The Clos des Prouges is one of the estate's top wines, as the 'Tete de Cru' designation indicates, hailing from the sloping, east-facing, limestone/marl vineyard of the same name.  From the classic, focused, structured 2017 vintage, the wine is, in many respects, a platonic ideal of White Burgundy, neatly balancing the Chardonnay flesh, with its characteristic, citric/mineral nuances and tightly wound acidity.

It's actually quite a baby still, though you'd be very happy if you cracked one now.

Jump on these before they're gone...

Pouilly Fuisse Clos des Prouges Tete du Cru 2017

- also available -
Pouilly Fuisse Clos des Prouges Tete du Cru 2016

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