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The Queen of Chinon Rosé

Keeping last week's theme of fantastic Chinon from classic producers in the LDM book going, let's talk about the Chinon Rosé of Olga Raffault.

Raffault is, alongside Baudry, arguably the most revered producer in Chinon, and their wines are almost single-handedly responsible for the now common understanding that great Chinon can age for decades.

You could say that Olga (or, since her passing, her granddaughter Sylvie) is the Queen of Chinon, and I would definitely say that you could then call this the Queen of Cab Franc Rosés.

This deeper-hued rosé is berry-fruited, firmly herbaceous and structured in the way that only great Cab Franc can be, but the vibrant acidity and aromatics keep it agile on the palate.

And, for those of you with willpower, let it go for for a year, because, just like her whites and reds, the flavors will only get deeper and more compelling with time.

Thankfully, though, it won't take 5-10 years like the reds.

To be perfectly honest, I don't really need to feature this in the newsletter, since, after decades of adulation, this is the kind of wine that sells itself.  But, like I was reminded last week, people are always happy to see an old friend, especially if it's 'The Queen'.

Chinon Rosé 2021

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