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The 'One(s) In That Bottle' Is (Are) Back
This is always a fun offer to send out...

...because it's one I know that a significant number of you wait for every Spring.

From the moon-like landscape of the volcanic island of Lanzarote, come everyone's favorite wines... know, those mineral, smoky, immensely enjoyable wines from the Canaries??

The one's in that really cool bottle??

Well, to be fair, I had gotten into a pattern the last couple of years of just blasting out the arrival of ONE of those wines...the Lanzarote Listan Negro Rosado, which is easily one of the Top 5 most popular wines I've ever sold here at MCF...


But then I remembered (well, more like I got annoyed with myself for forgetting) something - it's not just the smoke/stone/spice-packed, berry-fruited pinkie that I love so much.

Their Diego Seco Ecologico white made of the Diego grape - one of the most intensely mineral, subtly smoky and insanely focused white wines you'll encounter from anywhere - and their dark, (again) stony/smoky/spicy/feral, yet incredibly light on its feet red wine made of Listan Negro, are both as mind-blowingly-delicious-for-the-money as the Rosado is.

So, this year, I'm back on track by offering all three of the wines in the cool bottle, and in enough quantity that everyone can go long on them so you're set through next fall with plenty of this fantastic juice to drink.


Listan Negro Rosado 2023
Diego Seco Blanco 2023
Listan Negro Tinto 2022

You may order by calling 212.255.8870.

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