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The Old White

Colli di Catone's Colle Gaio The Old White isn't all that well known here in the states.  

In its home region of Lazio, though, it's a local legend.

Made entirely of the local Malvasia Puntinata (aka Malvasia del Lazio), it spends two days on the skins before a long, slow fermentation (sometimes up to four months) and is then aged in stainless for four years before bottling.

These bottles then sit in the cellar for years and are periodically released, much like, say, Emidio Pepe or Robert Ampeau.

The technical details, though, are just that...details...

What happens when you take that first whiff/sip of this mind-bending wine is what it's really all about.

Like all great aged whites, the complexity is so deep, it almost fights over your palate's attention span - floral elements are tugged on by waxy/wool-y nuttiness, while the savory nuances flow between them and they're all chased by an acidic backbone so lively that the wines still also somehow taste paradoxically fresh.

Your senses almost have to choose which path to follow with each sip - like quantum physics, it's almost impossible to fully comprehend the whole picture from moment to moment.

So, here we go with four different vintages of this quietly monumental white wine, each perfectly displaying what happens as this wine evolves...

...and your outlook on wine will probably 'evolve' after trying them...

COLLI di CATONE Colle Gaio The Old White

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