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The Next 'Mayors' of Irancy
Thierry Richoux is a legend in the Yonne department of Northern Burgundy, especially in his home village of Irancy.  

Anyone who's familiar with the area, or is well versed in Burgundy as a whole, has likely heard stories of Richoux and his certainly proceeds him.

His sons Gabin and Félix are now slowly taking control of things, but are doing so with their father's same philosophy and spirit at heart.

While everyone knows Chablis, and its mythical, chalky/mineral whites, the reds of the region, like Irancy, in this case, are still fairly unknown, though many are fabulous...

...and the Richoux are fabulous.

Like many Irancy, their wines are often quite firm, even stern in their youth, but they do really blossom with time.  I will admit, though, that I've often been a bit hesitant to stock young Richoux precisely because of this sternness...

...which is/was dumb...

But, the current release 2018s, are actually drinking beautifully right out of the gate.  The warmth of the 2018 vintage has endowed them with a slightly friendlier disposition than they typically have in their early stages.

That's not to say, though, that these wines are voluptuous anomalies...they're Richoux and they're Irancy through and through, but they just have a slightly denser profile that helps to carry the somewhat surly personality and stony, earthy core.  

The baseline Irancy 2018 is just delicious.  It's engaging and fragrant, with a purity of dark, earthy fruit that's carried by the driving acidity and mineral core.  It's the kind of wine that just makes you keep coming back, sip after sip, and not just because it's so deliciously easy drinking, but also because of that unique Irancy edginess.

Then we have their gorgeous single vineyard wine, the Irancy Veaupessiot 2018.  From the single best site in all of Irancy, the Veaupessiot is deeper, darker and just offers more of all the wonderful mineral complexity and pungent earth... other words...more of what's to love.

These are wines of genuine personality and are singular in the realm of Burgundy...

....just like their creator...

...and the next generation...

...the 'Mayors' of Irancy.

Irancy 2018
Irancy Veaupessiot 2018

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