The Long-Awaited 2010 Nervi Gattinara

So far, in the first half of this year, there have been more than a few wines that I've been eagerly anticipating the release of, and today's 2010 Gattinara from Nervi is one that I've really been waiting for.

Nervi's precise, aromatic, finely-detailed Gattinaras have been some of the most popular wines I've offered over the last few years and, given the classic balance that we've experienced from other 2010s from Northern Piedmont, we were really excited to sample Nervi's 2010 earlier this week.

All of our anticipation was confirmed upon first whiff of this bright, incredibly pure, fantastically-balanced glass of Nebbiolo.

When I say 'pure', I really mean it -- like when you have a real, very profound experience and you walk away with one word running around your head over and over again.

One sip and it was like a broken record of enjoyment in my brain.

Pure.  Pure.  Pure.

The purity of the red fruits, of the texture, of the balancing acidity, they all give this wine such incredible life across the palate.  The very subtle earthy nuance that lurks underneath whispers of the complexity this wine will show in the future.

It's so perfectly juicy, so energetic right now that you could easily make this your official red of the Summer.  For those of you with patience, though, it'll only get broader, more earthy and wildly complex over the next decade.

All of you who had been buying the great 2002 we had over the last couple of years know just how well Nervi Gattinara ages.

2010 is a vintage of great balance, and this wine also perfectly illustrates that idea.  It's not, and will never be, a big, boisterous wine.  Instead, it will always be the quiet, deep and genuine friend who you know has a lot more important things to say than the 'life-of-the-party' type who gets all the attention.  

This is here in the US and is set to arrive next week.  There are also a small number of magnums (which I promise to keep my hands off of until you've all had a chance) that come with the super-cool vintage Nervi label on them.  

Get some classic, Alto Piemonte Nebbiolo for a steal of a price (with a super-lean case price to boot).