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The Last D-Mags of Cosimo Taurino - You're Welcome...
I'm obviously always very excited about the wines I sell here in this newsletter.

Every so often, though, one just really gets me pumped up.  

Today's offer is definitely one of those.

Two amazing, fully mature wines in super-cool double-magnum (3.0L) format...

Cosimo Taurino's Notarpanaro has taken its place alongside some of the legendary wines that we've sold here at MCF.  Its combination of outrageous quality/complexity and insanely reasonable price has made it one of our top sellers every year.

Where else can you get such a fabulously rustic, old-school red wine that's fully mature for such an amazing price?

Well, it turns out that you can get it from the same place...

Cosimo Taurino's Salice Salentino Riserva 2010 is also fabulously rustic, old-school, fully mature and totally delicious.

How is it different from the Notarpanaro, you ask?

Well, rather than the Notar's 100% Negroamaro constitution, the Salice Riserva's adds 15% of Malvasia Nera to the blend.  It's just as earthy, rustic, mineral and deep as the Notar, but it's a bit brighter, with a touch more 'grapey-ness' to it.

The smokey, spicy depth of each one represents everything there is to love about Southern Italian reds.

When I see the characters in Game of Thrones drinking their highly-prized 'Dornish' wines from southern part of the realm, these are exactly what I imagine they'd taste like... grab some, and be everyone's favorite guest at your next gathering.

Oh, and since current release of these two wines is 2012, these lovely double-mags represent your last chance to obtain the fantastic 2010 vintage of either... there's that...

Salice Salentino Rosso Riserva 2010 3.0L
Salento Negroamaro Notarpanaro 2010 3.0L

You may also order by replying to this message or calling 212.255.8870.

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