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The Grape You've Never Heard Of, But Totally Need...

The grape you've never heard of is the grape you need...

...right now.  

And I'm not just speaking in the abstract...not talking about any old grape that you've not heard of.

I'm talking about this grape you've never heard of.  Which is a grape I'd only heard of here and there...

...and, after falling in love with the taste, when I heard that today's wine was made of this grape, I said 'Ahhhh, it's (that grape)...'

It's a wine that's got wonderful texture, fabulous aromatics, a slightly honeyed/flowery bent, and a chiseled, mineral core.

Was it Chenin?




It's Menu Pineau, or Orbois, or Arbois....

An ancient Loire grape, that's been in the region since the 1500s, Menu Pineau is a relative of a ton of other grapes, but it's not one of those grapes that's called other things in other places.   It's just Menu Pineau, and what Menu Pineau is, is good...all good.

Picture Chenin, with Sauvignon's aromatics and Chardonnay's texture, with a just a touch of Riesling's floral/honey thing smiling inside.  It's bone dry, and dead delicious.

This wine is from Mikael Bouges, a producer whose wines we love.  It's called Water l'eau, which, yes would be translated as "Water the Water', and it's also a play on 'Waterloo' I assume?

Either way, this cheekily named wine is what you need.

Because you've never heard of it...

...or the grape it's made from...

...but you neeeeeeeeeeeeed it.

Just trust me.


Water L'eau Blanc 2019

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