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The Freisa Benchmark
A while back, after a long drive upstate, a 10pm arrival and the rest of the family heading to bed, I fell back onto the couch to unwind for a bit.

From a tasting appointment earlier in the day, I had an open bottle of wine that I was eager to enjoy a bit of.

I poured myself a glass, put my feet up and melted into my seat.

I momentarily lost myself in the floral, earthy nose, took a sip, marveled at the insane levels of complexity from a wine with such delicate weight, and instantly began feeling my body and mind begin to lose that wired feeling we all get after a long drive at night.

The wine was Vajra's absolutely brilliant Langhe Freisa Kyè 2018, a wine I've always loved from a producer that is, as you all know, one of my all time favorites.

Freisa, typically vinified into delightful, very light, highly aromatic reds reaches its absolute apex in Vajra's expression - to me, even better than the vaunted bottling of Mascarello.

Here, Freisa takes on the texture, depth and refinement of 1er Cru Burgundy - it's at once, delicately compact on the palate, but highly expressive and has a complexity that seems almost bottomless.

There is a beauty to it that is ineffable and singular.

It's pure.  It's supple.  It's insanely aromatic.  It's herbaceous.  It's structured.

It's Piedmont through and through, yet expressed in a totally unique way.

And, if you really want to have your mind blown, lay a few bottles down for 3-5 years, and let all of that complexity really blossom.

Think you can't have Piemontese reds in the Summer?

Think again.

I had every intention of leaving a glass or two in the bottle that night, to see how it evolved into the next day, but, was hitting all the notes so harmoniously, that I polished it off myself, in the quiet solitude of a Catskills night.

Langhe Freisa Kyè 2018

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