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The FINAL SHIPMENT of the Classic Producers of Provençal Rosé

I'll keep this one brief.

This is LAST OFFER for Chateau Peyrassol Rosé for the Summer.  

This is also the FIRST and LAST offer for two other all-time favorites from Provence that we sell (out of) every June - Domaine du Bagnol's Cassis Rosé and Chateau Pradeaux's benchmark Bandol Rosé.

Bagnol Cassis vs Chateau Peyrassol vs Pradeaux Bandol...what are the main differences?

Well, let's start with the similarities...

They're all the perfect, fleetingly pale pink hue you expect from Provence.

They're all impeccably balanced.

They're all amazingly nuanced, showing the tiniest details of all manner of Proveçal herbaceousness.

They're all just flat-out delicious.

Here's how I would relay the differences...

The Chateau Peyrassol is the most impossibly elegant.

The Bagnol Cassis is also very elegant, but with a touch more weight and a more viscous texture.

The Pradeaux Bandol has by far the firmest backbone and is, of the three, the one most suited to aging.

That said, they are all fabulous now and will get more complex if you have the self-control to leave them alone for a year or two.

Even though the weather (at least here in the Northeast) has remained stubbornly cool, sooner or later you'll be pining for a glass of pink on a warm afternoon.

This is your last chance to secure the best.

Matt Franco

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