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The Electric Side of Nebbiolo


I hope that grabbed your attention, because that word really sums this one up.

Most of the time, when you think of great Nebbiolo, you probably think of those muscular, polished tannins that are so much a part of, say, Barolo or Barbaresco or even other Ghemme and Gattinara. 

When it comes to today’s wine, though, it’s all about the tiny, focused tannins and way lively acidity. 

Rovelloti’s Ghemme 2008 is one of the best wines I’ve tasted in this young 2017 and, thanks to said electricity, it’s a wine of contrasts of sorts. 

First off, the nose is alive…like crazy alive. 

It’s packed with wonderful, very fragrant Nebbiolo notes that lean surprisingly dark, given the latitude of its home, and it excites your olfactory system with a very high-toned end to the whiff. 

On the palate is where the ‘contrast’ really takes hold. 

That dark, delicious Nebbiolo fruit is very present at the front and it’s surprisingly dense and textured given the nose – like sappy dense, in a good way, of course.  Then the finish kicks in with its incredible acidity an pointy-fine tannins. 

Talk about precision. 

Electric was the first word that came to mind. 

You get such depth and chewy complexity, followed by a kick of verve that it just makes you want to say ‘whooo!’.

It’s at once luxuriously calm and incredibly animated. 

It's kinda like riding in a fighter jet while sitting in the warmest, softest recliner…

…while sniffing textbook nebbiolo flowery-ness and tasting intensely delicious earthy flavors wrapped around a firm mineral core. 

So there...

Matt Franco

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