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The Color Collector Gamay Noir: The Most Exciting Oregon Wine I've Tasted This Year

A race car of a Gamay Noir with blazingly bright aromas and flawless, finely detailed red fruits that is as persistent as it is elegant.

That's kinda my one-liner about this incredibly exciting wine that just arrived from the hands of Bethany Kimmel, assistant winemaker at Analemma (our other favorite boutique producer in OR).

I was made aware that there would be some of this 100-case production (!) wine coming to NY back in August and, having known the previous work of the winemaker (and also that I trust the voices who were singing its praises in my ear), I asked for as much as I could get.

It arrived last week and I grabbed a bottle on my way over to a friend's place for some Saturday afternoon drinking.

As soon as I pulled the cork, the smell that exploded out of the bottle was indeed pretty enticing.  I got it in the glass and swirled it a few times, and then, without even a sip, I knew I was fully hooked.

The palate (as described above) was even more captivating.  

So captivating, in fact, that I immediately had that thought that any 'wine person' can have in a group setting, which is to diabolically hide the gem bottle at the end of the counter and subtly encourage people to drink the other things that are open.

Of course I didn't, though, and soon after I was interrupting each ongoing conversation to make sure everyone got a pour.

(Don't pretend that you've never have such thoughts, though).

Anyway, this is easily the most exciting and singular wine from OR (and probably from the USA as a whole) that I've tasted this year.

About those quantities, though...they're minuscule, and I may have to cap don't get left behind on this beauty that's oh-so-perfect-for-Fall...

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