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The Color Collector 2017


From one genius female Oregon winemaker (Mimi/Hope Well) last week, we switch gears slightly to Bethany Kimmel (I say ’switch gears’ because she specializes in Gamay instead of least for now), who crafts her brilliant wine called The Color Collector


In just three vintages, this has easily become one of the most highly-anticipated wines we sell, and the 2017 - back to being a 100% Gamay Noir following last year's Passetoutgrains - is, yet again, mesmerizing in its pure, fragrant, succinct beauty. 


Sometimes, I just feel that no matter what level of enthusiasm I try to convey when describing a wine, words just won't cut it. 


But, I will try...


(I do it for you...really...)


The thing that makes the TCC so special, for me, is the across-the-board clarity - the aromatics, the palate and the finish are all so finely delineated, it's mind boggling. 


Picture some incredibly complex schematic diagram where, despite the insanely high amount of information it represents, the precision of it allows you to easily pick one element and follow it along whatever path it takes. 


Now picture tasting that...


Whether you want to follow the kaleidoscopic floral notes, the subtle spices, the delicate dark fruits, the deep, wet Eola earth or the fleeting stone on the finish, the otherworldly precision of the wine allows you to pick one element and revel in it...


...until you take your next sip, of course. 


Hell, it's hard enough to get past the nose and actually take the first sip, the bouquet is so spirit-lifting. 


For me, there’s a simple, satisfying beauty in selling items like this. 


It’s certainly great to sell ultra-collectible items from famous regions, but sending people home with a real gem like this is, in so many ways, even more rewarding.


You’re all getting something truly special, and we’re all spreading the word about Bethany’s limitless talents.  


It’s the kind of wine that, through its pure, perfect balance, reminds you that all you could ever want in life is right in front of you...


...not the least of which is another, glorious sip.  

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Matt Franco

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