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The Children, Matured
"Monday’s Child is fair of face, Tuesday’s Child is full of grace…"

I always love that quote from one of our favorite leading ladies of The New Oregon (and my pal), Mimi Casteel of Hope Well Vineyards.  It describes her two 'children', the two Rosé of Pinot Noir that she created a few years back, called the Monday's Child and Tuesday's Child.

She held back a small amount of the 2021 vintage of these two brilliant rosés, and now we're happy to have a bit on our shelves.

With an extra year in bottle, these lovely children have blossomed into precocious beams of sunlight, showing a depth of character that any parent would be proud of.

Both 100% Pinot Noir, Monday's Child spent less than 24 cool hours on the skins, resulting in the daintier, more elegant expression, while Tuesday's Child relaxed on the skins in ambient temps for 48 hours before heading to press, and showed a deeper shade of pink.

In the last year, though, the colors of each wine have converged - they're nearly indistinguishable visibly in the glass - but on the palate, while obviously siblings, they're clearly different spirits. Monday's elegant, mature soprano juxtaposes perfectly with Tuesday's weightier, stonier mezzo, as each sings their song of Summer.

Mimi is a truly unique soul and a trailblazer in our world of wine, and you should probably get some of her beautiful creations, because they won’t last long...seriously...I might drink them all myself....

Monday's Child Rosé 2021
Tuesday's Child Rosé 2021

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