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The Benchmark 2013 Cru Baroli of Francesco Rinaldi

When discussing the great traditionalists in Barolo, the true titans of Giacomo Conterno, Giuseppe Rinaldi, Bartolo Mascarello, Giuseppe Mascarello, Giacosa and Cappellano always come up.

But there are still absolutely fantastic producers who make wines that are often as good and sometimes arguably better than the biggest names.  These are estates such as Cavallotto, Vajra, Brovia and, in today's case, Francesco Rinaldi.

With each passing vintage, the true greatness of these 'second-tier-in-name-only' producers reaches more and more collectors, but I often wonder why it is that such fantastic, old-school Barolo would still fly under the radar.

In the case of Francesco Rinaldi, certainly a lot of it has to do with the more-famous namesake Giuseppe, but beyond that, I've never quite understood why more people don't notice it.

Perhaps, with these two stunning Crus of 2013, that will change!

Today I'm very happy to offer the Barolo Cannubi and Barolo Brunate from the fantastic 2013 vintage.

Both vineyards rank among the greatest sites in all of Barolo, so the raw material is as good as you'll find.

The Cannubi, from the famous vineyard in the town of Barolo, is a case study in aromatics, elegance and overall femininity, but there's so much packed inside that it will take a nice while to see its true character.

The Brunate is the deep and muscular expression from the famous vineyard situated right on the line between Monforte and Barolo.  It shows more dark power to the fruit and the backbone is more present, but it still retains the lift and clarity that I keep mentioning.

Both of these wines are destined for great things and, at <$60 for each wine, you're getting a helluva lotta wine for the money, especially when you compare their pricing against other single-cru Baroli on the market.

These delightful Baroli arrive this week and there's not a ton to go around, so don't miss them!

Matt Franco

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