MCF Rare Wine

That One...You the Bottle??


This is always one of the easiest wines to sell every much so, in fact, that I often forget to even mention it on the newsletter some years. 


But, for nearly the last 11 years, the Lanzarote Rosado of Los Bermejos in the Canaries has been one of the most beloved wines we sell and, while the unique bottle isn't the reason that it's so popular, it certainly doesn't hurt. 


Ultimately, the reason people keep coming back for it, mostly by the caseload, is because there's just no way to not fall in love with its lovely pink fruit that's punctuated by the firm, mineral/smoky volcanic elements that its moon-surface terroir of volcanic ash endows it with. 


Certain wines seem to have everything going for them - they have super cool story about their cultivation, they're irresistibly delicious and, to top things off, they come in a totally unique package that's both instantly recognizable and impossible to forget. 


In other words...they make our lives as wine merchants super easy. 


So, even though it's wet and gray today here in NYC, you can rejoice in the fact that 'that one in the neat bottle' is back to brighten up your day. 


You may order by emailing or calling 212.255.8870.


Matt Franco

MCF Rare Wine, Ltd

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