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Teutonic Rides Again!  
Barnaby Tuttle's Teutonic Wine Co is, without a doubt, one of my absolute favorite American wineries.

There's no other way to say it.  

I first tasted his wines 11 or so years ago, and was instantly hooked.  Here was a guy who had completely ignored all of the stylistic demands of the market, and was just making the wines he liked to drink.

As a guy who owns a shop dedicated to only selling wines I want to drink, and actively ignoring things that I don't, regardless of what they would do for my bottom line, I certainly identified with his approach.

Since then, our fondness for his wines has only grown.

Today, I'm happy to have two delicious wines to sell you that are the Fall-iest of Fall-y options for your...your...Fall... it were...

First, we have one of the standards of his lineup, one that showcases the textbook style of Barnaby's reds, especially his Pinot Noirs.  The Bergspitze Pinot Noir 2020 is so beautifully delicate, ethereal, aromatic and deep, the perfect balance of the Oregon terroir and Germanic sensibility.  His Pinots are what I originally fell in love with, and this Bergspitze has all of the character that made that happen in the first place.

Then we have the 'happy accident' wine, and maybe one of the happiest happy accidents I've ever had.  The Riesling Candied Mushroom 2021 from the Crow Valley vineyard is Barnaby's self-described experiment with no sulphur and leaving a bit of CO2 in the wine to act as a preservative.  What happened, though, was that a bit more CO2 than he intended to leave behind got left behind.

While this can technically be called a flaw, the end result is one of the most deliciously refreshing wines we've had all year.

It's a classic feinherb style of Riesling that has tremendous focus and drive to it, but is also straight up frizzante.  The mineral, floral and textural elements all come together with the spritz-i-ness to make one deliciously compelling wine that just begs for a big old board of cheese and salumi.

I texted Barnaby to get his thoughts on it and he agreed with our take - it wasn't his intention, but sometimes things just work out...

...I love it when things work out.

Pinot Noir Bergspitze Laurel Vineyard Chehalem Mtns 2020
Riesling Crow Valley Vineyard Candied Mushroom Willamette 2021

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