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Superstar Rosso - Baricci and Il Colle


Perfectly elegant, expressive and so irresistibly delicious...


...there's no other way to describe today's two wines. 


Well, I guess there's one other way to describe both of them - Superstar Rosso. 


There are certain Montalcino producers who, though their respective Brunelli are indeed fabulous, have the insane quality of their Rosso to thank for their rabid fan base.  


Baricci is definitely one, and you can read about my love affair with their wines by clicking HERE


Il Colle, perhaps just as underappreciated as Baricci, is also definitely one. 


Today I have them one


...we're the lucky ones... 


Baricci's 2019 Rosso is, as always, sublime in its aromatic, detailed and oh-so elegant profile.  It's hard to imagine Sangiovese getting more precise than this.  While delicious on release, there's a lot of complexity to be gained from a good stint in the cellar.  It's the essence of of the Montosoli cru.


Il Colle's equally awesome 2018 Rosso di Montalcino, is brighter, juicier and pretty much wide open at this point.  The lively red fruit and surprisingly apparent earthy nuance are so engaging and so delicious, that it's hard to not smile after taking your first sip...


...which, in turn, leads to many more sips and many more smiles and so on...


Think Sangiovese and Thanksgiving can't go together? 


My above Rosso-induced smile should answer that question...


BARICCI Rosso di Montalcino 2019 

IL COLLE Rosso di Montalcino 2018


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