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Super Cool Pet-Nats from Chateau Deluxe
Heading into what will hopefully be a nice weekend of outside time and outside cooking, I'm always looking for fun stuff to be drinking on a lazy afternoon.

I drink a lot of beer, of course, but sometimes there's just nothing like a glass of of fizzy wine.  Not necessarily Champagne or even a Cramant, etc. 

Something less serious.

Something that's cheerful and tastes great, but doesn't always require your full attention.

Part wine, part bubbly...

Enter a nice Pet-Nat (Petillant Naturel)...

Just this last week, we received two brand-spanking-new Pet-Nats from a new, tiny project in Oregon called Chateau Deluxe.

They produce still Rieslings as well, but, as I understand it, they're focused on making what they call 'Rural' sparkling wines.

They're so new, in fact, that their entire website is 'coming soon' and I have very little info about the folks behind it. but the wines are totally delicious and they scream for a day of pool drinking or wiffle ball or watching-the-Indy-500 or...ya know...

Even though I don't know much about the operation, I do know the wines...and they are good...

First we have the Riesling Sekt NV, which is very interesting indeed.  It's a combo of two vintages ('17 & '18) and a blend of five Riesling vineyards in Chehalem, Willamette, Eola and Dundee.  It's at once quite ripe but also has great racy acidity as well.  A nice floral streak keeps things lifted.

It has cheese spread written all over it.

The Sparkling Ramato 2018 is also really unique.  'Ramato' is a very specific style of wine from Northern Italy and you can sort of think of it as an 'orange' wine made from the 'gray' grapes (Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris/Grenache Gris/Trousseau Gris, etc.).  The end result is a fuller, more copper-colored wine with a deep fruit flavor that's tinged with nice savory notes.

Here we have a fresh, meaty, wonderfully fruity sparkling wine made from Pinot Gris, Riesling and Trousseau Gris that is eminently drinkable, either on its own or with basically any kind of smorgasbord.  The richer texture means it can go all the way to the grill with no problem.

They're both sealed with a crown cap, so you can open them with your teeth, kick back in your chair and start pouring...

...I mean...

To inquire about this wine, please email or call 212.255.8870.

Matt Franco
MCF Rare Wine, Ltd
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