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Sunshine Chenin
The bottle has a bright, joyful rosette on the label and a bright yellow wax capsule.

Everything thing about the bottle feels kinda sunny at first glance.  

Then you taste that contents of Guégniard's Anjou Blanc Zerzilles 2019, and, well, the sunshine-y feeling blasts through your senses, bringing a huge smile of satisfaction to your face...

...well, at least that's what happened to me.

A great glass of Chenin really leaves a mark on my mind, perhaps more so than any other grape.

There's something about tasting one that's firing on all cylinders..., it's like the only thing I can think about for a few days afterwards...

That's exactly what happened when I tasted this 2019 Zerzilles - I couldn't wait for it to arrive at the shop...mostly to share with all of you...but also so that I could stash a few bottles for myself...

Picture a clean, bright, flowery, lightly honeyed, mineral glass of Anjou Blanc, that has just the right amount of oxidative savory nuance and perfectly textured, ever so slightly natty profile.

Did you picture it?

Okay, good.

Seriously, though, a sip or two of this beauty, and not only will you get that bright, sunny feeling, you'll also have a strong urge to go buy some great cheese...

...and eat that cheese while drinking this...

...get that sunny, cheese-y feeling...

Anjou Blanc Zerzilles 2019

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