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Sunday Special - La del Vivo 2017 is (still) the Perfect Wine for Now


In what I am pretty sure is the first instance of me plugging the same wine from the same vintage THREE times, today's offer is for a great deal on a wine that has continued to impress me over and over and, since it's now officially August, aka the Dog Days, the deals are really beginning to bubble to the surface. 


When I saw the last of the magnums of Raul Perez's Bierzo Blanco La del Vivo 2017 sitting on a spreadsheet on a really nice deal, I was all over them. 


Yes, I know a magnums aren't for everyone...well, at least that's what some of you think...but I promise you, Magnums are for everyone. 




And this wine, despite its somewhat quirky/experimental nature (for the finer points of the wine, please read my previous blog posts), is also one that I think just about everyone can dig, too. 


It combines basically everything you could want for a serious meal with friends on a Summer evening - it's fresh, it's racy, it's mineral, it's briny, it's savory and it's got the coolest bit of nutty funk to it, too. 


In the last year or so, even more of the citric nuance and nutty development has emerged from inside the focused, mineral structure.  That wonderful oxidative element at the edges has broadened, allowing the textured edges to explore even further savory-seeking corners of your palate. 


So while I first mentioned that this was a perfect Summer wine, then a perfect Fall wine, we've come full circle, and the level of precision combined with this level of development will make a perfect companion for any number of categories you may be exploring in terms of cuisine right now. 


Fried or Grilled Chicken?  Yah.  


Tacos?  Perfect. 


Any kind of Asian?  (thumbs up emoji)


And, of course, any seafood you can throw at it, especially ones with 'bigger' flavors. 


Just last night, we had a fabulous Cajun Seafood dinner and, while my super-dry, slightly briny Martini on the rocks was quite a refreshing counterpoint to my Blackened Grouper with Tasso Gravy over White Cheddar Grits and Collard Greens (if you should find yourself in the town of Thomasville GA, you have to eat at the local Shrimp and Grits hot spot Jonah's), all I kept thinking about was how ubelievable one of these mags would have been with our meal.


But, you know, I wanted to save them all for you guys...  


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