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Summer Reds from Oregon


I've been getting lots of requests for 'Summery' reds - you know, light, bright, fresh, chillable, etc. - and I've been filling many of these from a bunch of really cool, tiny production wines from Oregon.  

And given how many 'can I get a more of that?' responses I've been getting, I thought it wise to share them with the everyone. 


If you were to look at the 'Who's Who' list of producers that have become MCF Staples over the years, you'd see that a lot of them come from the 'New Oregon' category - the group of new, boutique wineries that are pushing Oregon into exciting new directions. 


They also have something else in common - all of them make fresh, elegant and lively reds that are perfect this time of year when 'refreshing' is the most important box to check. 


So I figured I'd plug a few wines from two such producers whose wines that I (and all of you) love.  


So here we go...



Bow & Arrow is one of the originals from our 'New Oregon' fan list.  Not only are their wines just straight-up delicious, they've also been at the forefront of the paradigm shift that's happening across the state with respect to varietals.  They work with PN and Chardonnay, yes, but they've been all-in on Gamay since the beginning and, in Scott's own words, also believe Cabernet is the future of the Willamette, ponder that one for a moment...


Pinot Noir Willamette Valley 2018 $25 - yes, I know I just got saying that B&A do great things beyond Pinot, but they also do great things with it, too.  Picture your classic, dark, mineral Willamette PN, but with great freshness and a lotta depth for the money. 


Rhinestones 2018 $31 - back in December, when I hosted at Niche Niche, I had access to a case of the 2012 Rhinestones, which I was really excited to have on the menu that night.  While opinions differed as to what everyone's favorite wine was, I don't know that anyone didn't mention how much they liked this lovely little Pinot Noir/Gamay blend.  Unfortunately, the 15 or so bottles I'd had on the shelf  had sold out before the dinner even happened, but I was still happy to prove to everyone that, for $30, you can get a wine that will age beautifully, and develop all manner of subtle, Burgundian nuance along the way.  This '18 is another great example and, whether you choose to enjoy it now in its fuller, juicier form, or you forget about it for five years and let it soften up and develop some really cool complexity, you'll be psyched to have it. 



Kate & Tom of Division Wine Co., have been making tiny amounts of totally delicious wines since 2010, and they've gotten plenty of accolades for it.  Many of you are already on their bandwagon, whether from meeting Kate here in the shop and tasting first hand, or just from taking our reco on them and coming back for more.  Here are three great ones from the 'Villages' lineup of 2019. 


Beton 2019 $25 - inspired by Kate's love of the Loire, this blend of Gamay/Pinot/Cab Franc/Côt is their take on your classic 'bistro' wine.  It's fresh, floral, herbaceous, earthy and screams for some chilled-down, backyard glugging. 


Pinot Noir Methode Carbonique 2019 $28 - for a fresh, bright, ethereal and juicy take on Willamette Pinot, the PNMC is fantastic.  While the spicy and earthy aromas and nuances are unmistakably 'Willamette Pinot', the texture and freshness shows things in a new light...a super refreshing one, at that. 


Gamay Noir Les Petits Fers 2019 $28 - this 100% Gamay Noir is a blend of five vineyards around the Eola-Amity AVA, three of which are fermented carbonic, and the remaining two are semi-carbonic, resulting in a fresh and lively, but decidedly darker and more mineral, expression of fruit. 


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