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A few months back, the great Alain Brumont stopped by MCF, and now, the fruits of that visit are finally arriving!

Brumont's two estates, Chateau Bouscasse and Chateau Montus, are absolute pillars of the massively underappreciated region of SW France.

His name is synonymous with the Madiran appellation and he's the absolute master of the Tannat grape, fashioning it into world class wines that age as well as anything.

These wines are dark, deeply mineral, animale and, in their youth, massively structured.

As they age, though, the imposing tannic frame melts into the dark, stony fruit and the once beastly wines transform into deeply complex, refined wines of singular character. 

The Bouscasse Madiran is a blend of Tannat, Cabernet and Cab Franc, while their Madiran VV is 100% Tannat.  Similarly, at Chateau Montus, the baseline Madiran is Tannat and Cabernet, while the brilliant Cuvée Prestige is 100% Tannat.  They also produce a wine call Madiran La Tyre, which hails from a single sloping plot planted in 1990, and is, for them, their top bottling.

These are, for me, France's greatest meat wines...which is very important in my world...and they're such insane values for what you're getting in terms of quality and pedigree, that it still makes my head spin sometimes.

The other great thing about them being relatively unknown, is the fact that they have one of the great library release programs in France.

So, in addition to the current release I have in the shop, those library bottles are arriving shortly...

...and if you want an absolute clinic in Madiran and the Tannat grape, you oughtta take advantage of said arrivals!

Not for nothing, too...

...but last night we made the simplest of delicious summer meals, of char grilled flatiron steaks, crispy potatoes and salad, and with each sip of the basic 2017 Montus I took, I couldn't help but shake my head at just how perfectly it went with the meal.

I think it's fair to call this 'The World's Most Overlooked (And Arguably Greatest) Steak Wine'.

(Yes, i just made that category least I think I did...)

Madiran Rouge
2017, 2016 6.0L & 2002 1.5L

Madiran Rouge Cuvée Prestige
1998, 1999 , 2000 & 2001 1.5L

Madiran Rouge Le Tyre
2001 1.5L

Madiran Rouge
2007 1.5L  & 2008 1.5L

Madiran Rouge Vieilles Vignes
2004 3.0L  & 2006 3.0L

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