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Sought-After Gems from Envínate, Clos Saron and Arnot-Roberts


The following is a big list of tiny-production trophies from three legendary names in the natural wine movement.


Gideon Beinstock is one of the Godfathers of natural wine in the US, and his Clos Saron winery has proven that 'natural' wines can age as beautifully as anything.  These library releases have become both less-frequent, and much lower in quantity over the last decade.


Arnot-Roberts has been a trailblazer in the 'New California', taking their gloriously elegant, classic, tiny production, single vineyard/varietal wines to greater and greater levels of refinement and expression, and this release is, across the board, absolutely stunning. 


Envínate, the team of winemakers/friends in Spain who're committed to nursing old, abandoned vineyards in Ribeira Sacra and the Canaries back to life, and allowing them to express themselves as single sites in the purest way possible.  Clean, supple and almost impossibly graceful, each of their wines are singular jewels. 


All three of these producers have garnered very well-deserved followings and, today, I'm putting them all in one offer. 


First come, first served. 


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