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Skin Contact Galore from Slovenia
Orange wine, or Amber wine, or skin contact white, or whatever you want to call it, is currently enjoying a renaissance in the wine world, though it's a very different type of enthusiasm than it was 15 years ago, when it first began gaining momentum in the geek/wine-pro circles.

The spike in popularity among budding wine drinkers is a great thing for the style, and is, no doubt, due to the explosion of availability of the wines in the everyday price range.

I mean, back in the early days of the US-meets-skin-contact days, you had Gravner, Radikon, Damijan, etc, ranging in price from $50-100/btl, but now, you can find great ones starting around $15.

In the last few months, though, we've fallen hard for the wines of one particular producer from Slovenia who we think is doing a really great job - Gönc winery in Stajerska.

Peter Gönc is a self-proclaimed 'Google and YouTube Winemaker'...meaning when he returned to his family's vineyards near Dobrovnik, he literally learned to make wine through internet research.  It's a factoid that he's quite proud of, though, since it allowed him to approach wine from a completely novel point of view.

Sure, there's always generational knowledge involved in winemaking, and the 'skin contact' style is ancient, especially where he's from, but he's never found himself constrained by someone looking over his shoulder telling him he's doing it all wrong...

He believes firmly in the energy of the vines, and it's something he seeks to bolster with, well...energetic music.  His wine is not only inspired by rock n' roll, as you'll soon see, but it's also subjected to rock n' roll at every step along the way.

Seriously...he plays music to the vines, to the juice in the winery, and to the barrels as they sit.

Whatever he's doing, however he's doing it...he's doing it right... let's all rock out with it...


Pet Nat Canvas 2021
This amazingly-colored Pet-Nat of 100% Pinot Blanc is citric, saline and mineral with a lovely touch of herbaceous nuance, all of it carried on the palate by fine, easy bubbles.  And of course, in Peter Gönc fashion, the label on this bottling is an homage to his father.

Pet Nat Canvas Rosé 2021
The Rosé Canvas sings with red berries and delightful floral elements, while a subtle spice and fresh earth gives this Pet Nat Rose a slightly more serious edge that allows it to pair with a wide variety of foods. A refreshing wine with a heartwarming label (a painting of Peter and his mother!).

Starman Orange 2021
The Starman label is adorned with the symbol of David Bowie’s alter ego Ziggy Stardust and lyrics from this most famous of tracks, inviting everyone into Peter's musical wine world.  The grapes are handpicked under the morning stars from a single vineyard.  In terms of taste, think savory minerality from the Chardonnay, floral nuance proper to Riesling and an earthy grip acquired from the skin-maceration.

Harvest Moon Orange 2021
When you take Pinot Grigio and pour your soul into it, you get Harvest Moon, so named because in each vintage the grapes are picked under the full moon.  Why Pinot Grigio?  If you make a long maceration, don’t use sulfites, and let nature take its course, you get this insanely beautifully-colored wine.  A little red berried, a little earthy, a little mineral, a little funky...

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