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Six Summer Selections
So, if you're like me, you can't believe it's June 27th...just a week away from the 4th.

And if you're like me, all you're probably thinking about is a) what you're going to cook over the weekend and b) what you're going to have on hand to drink with whatever that is.  

So I thought of these, and I think they sound pretty good -

Domaine de l'Epinay Brut Folie de l'Espinose NV
Starting out a Summer evening (or, hell, a Summer day, for that matter) with a glass of great sparkling wine is never not a good thing, right?  This wonderful Brut from Muscadet producer Domaine de l'Epinay is as good a 'Champagne Ringer' as I've had lately, especially at $23.  It's a super fresh, lively and mineral-driven blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir that drinks the label off of many a more expensive bottle.  Three hour lunch anyone?

Romano Clelia Fiano di Avellino Colli di Lapio 2017
It just wouldn't be Summer around here if I weren't plugging a Southern Italian white, so here's one I plug every year.  The incredible freshness, the volcanic minerality, the kisses of smoke and spice, the beautiful texture and the wildly energetic all makes for a wine that is just about as versatile as anything you'll find.  Fresh, simple seafood of any kind is oh so perfect with it, but it'll happily accompany pastas and pizzas of all sorts and even fuller, meatier fare.  I'm never not happy with a glass of it!  

Domaine Corsin Pouilly Fuisse Aux Chailloux 2014
Like most people, I love White Burgundy.  Also, like most people, I especially love the 2014 White Burgundies.  And like just about everyone in the known universe, I love it when a White Burgundy has a little age on it, so it's singing beautifully and is doing so for a relative bargain.  So I love Corsin's 2014 Aux Chailloux.  It's clean, lively, broad and is showing wonderful complexity right now, with just the right amount of Chardonnay flesh to accompany the more angular citric/mineral elements.  Lovely stuff!

Yves Cuilleron Syrah Les Candives 2017
Cuilleron's 'IGP' Syrah Les Candives is a super fresh, lively and savory little glass of Syrah that's just perfect for a Summer meal.  It's got all those wonderful Northern Rhone Syrah elements - fresh spice, minerals, animale - but on a Summertime scale, if you will...which is to say lighter and more energetic and eminently chillable.

Mortellito Calaniuru Rosso 2018
Last week, I offered the two whites from this terrific little natural producer in Sicily's Val di Noto and I promised I'd offer the red...and I actually followed through.  It's 80/20 Frappato and Nero d'Avola, and it has a wonderfully wild, herbaceous streak to it.  The Frappato here is slightly more substantial than, say, its counterpart from Vittoria, so, while it's still very much about light/juicy/chillable, there's a bit more salty/spicy/mineral oomph to it as well.

Bernard Baudry Chinon Clos Guillot 2016
One of our old standbys from Chinon, Baudry's Clos Guillot is flat out lovely stuff.  The chiseled, mineral-packed frame holds up the lovely, darker, herb infused Cab Franc fruit, before giving way to the taut, structured finish.  While this is a wine that could easily age for another 5-10, softening up as it goes, it's that firmness that allows it to stand up to some good grilling action when you're not in the mood for a bigger, more ponderous red.

All wines available individually or in any combo you like - i.e. you don't have to buy them as a case.

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