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Sassetti's Gorgeous 2012

When I offered Livio Sassetti's 2012 Fili di Seta blend back over the Summer, I commented at length about how much of that fantastic, oh-so Tuscan leathery funk it had on full display, and so early on at that.

Today, I'm really excited to offer their 2012 Brunello because, for fans of irony, meaty and leathery old-school Brunello, this wine is must-have.

Of all of the 2012 Brunelli that I've had so far, quite predictably, this one (and of course Poggione's) is one of my absolute favorites.

While it's a serious, old-fashioned Brunello, it's showing unbelievably well in the early going.  On first taste after you pull the cork, the classic dark Sangiovese fruit dominates with the tannins quite present as well.

After 45 minutes of air, though, and that wonderful Montalcino complexity explodes on the nose and palate in a way that makes you want to immediately sit down, forget your troubles and slowly enjoy how the bottle evolves over a lazy meal of Boar Ragu and a Bistecca Fiorentina.

In 2017, there has been (and will be) plenty of wine that you buy to put in your cellar for decades.

Today, though, you should buy some that you can drink now through the next 5 years.

After all, when that taste is on your mind, everyone needs a little Montalcino funk at a moment's notice, so be prepared!


Matt Franco

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