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Sassetti's Fili di Seta: Perfectly Tuscan

So, when I say 'Perfectly Tuscan', what do you think that means?

There are no doubt many ways that your mind can go with that, but when I say it, here's what I mean.

Restrained, earthy, rustic and dry, with that oh-so-delightful leathery/meaty/iron-y element on full display.

Any great Sangiovese-based wine from Tuscany will show those elements in varying combinations of intensity.

Today's wine, Livio Sassetti Pertimali's Fili di Seta 2012 is, by the above qualifiers, about as 'Tuscan' as it gets...especially at this price point.

The 2012 vintage in Montalcino, not known as a powerhouse by any stretch, really suits this wine quite beautifully.  Because of the cooler profile, the Sangiovese isn't too tannic and the Cabernet isn't too powerful, which leads to a really open and transparent feel that lets those leathery/meaty/mineral notes really take flight.

Don't get me wrong, Fili di Seta is great in powerful vintages, but it won't show as much rustic Tuscan personality as it does least not without some real bottle aging.

After my first taste, I was ready to sit down to a bowl of hearty pasta leading right into a Bistecca Fiorentina.

It just makes you want to eat, which alone should be all the merit you'd need to call something truly 'Tuscan'.    

But when you bring all of the flavor and textural elements into the fray, this one is, for me, 'perfectly' Tuscan.

Matt Franco

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