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Sassetti Rosso on a Deal
This one's pretty straightforward - a robust, classic Rosso di Montalcino at a really nice price.  

It's one that leans heavily in the Brunello direction, with its firmer structure and rustic, leathery, mineral-packed profile.

It's one that does well to balance the harder elements that can arise in a warm vintage.

It's also one that's got some time ahead of it.

When you first open it, the firmness of 2015 is the main most Sangiovese from the vintage that I've tried, it's a very tight wine initially.

Within about 20-30 minutes, it relaxes a bit and the wonderful, classic Sangiovese profile really settles in.

Having just had a glass on day two, and it's opened up even more nuance without losing much of its vigor.

So, while it's certainly a perfect wine for grilling night right now, I think another year or two will allow it to really find a happy place.

A classic Tuscan wine, a really great price... Sunday morning gift to you...

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Matt Franco
MCF Rare Wine, Ltd
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